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  • No service fees
  • Earn points every order
  • Easily combine rewards
  • Accurate diet filtering
  • Virtual kitchen standards
  • Save food & help the planet

No service fees. Ever

Absolutely no service fees. This alone saves you 11-15% per order. Why purchase DashPass, Eats Pass, or Grubhub+ when you can save up to 15% and earn more rewards without a subscription?

Earn points on every order

Every order you place on Vittles earns you points that you can redeem for Vittles Credits and more. During special events, early users get an extra point on every order. Earn Vittles VIP and you'll receive 20% bonus points every time you order!

Easily combine rewards & promotions

If you have a $30 order and six $5 credits, this is the only app where you can use all of them at once and pay $0. If a restaurant is offering a 25% off promotion and you have $15 in Vittles credit, you can use both on the same order.

Accurate & helpful diet filtering

Instead of rigged paid listings, we sort search results by relevance and how accommodating they are to your diet. Set your profile to Vegan, Gluten-Free, etc. and we'll remember. Even if you only say "Pizza", we'll still search "Vegan pizza" for you.

Virtual kitchen standards

The clearest standards for virtual kitchens of any online ordering platform. When browsing a virtual kitchen, it will clearly say so at the top of the restaurant's menu. Tap the banner to see all other virtual kitchens associated with that brand in
one view

Save food & help the planet

Order surprise bags of leftovers from restaurants at a significant discount as a way to help fight food waste. Unlike other apps, the restaurant actually makes money from rescued meals on Vittles and you can still leverage rewards and promos!

Make your Wednesday better with Vittles

Save money and earn rewards? Must be the Perks of being a New Yorker

Rewards like you've never seen

Vittles has deals from the restaurants you love (the kind that make you boogie). All the convenience and features you're used to are here, but without the service fees and hefty commissions. Order away to start racking up points and experience rewards without restrictions! Learn more

Any questions?

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What is Vittles VIP and how do I get it?

I'm not lazy like you, I just pick up the phone and call the restaurant! It's not hard!

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